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Welcome to Cistern Translation and Publishing Center

CTPC is a Non Denominational Christian based literature organization its main objective being to bridge the gap between the missionaries and native tribes in Kenya and other parts of Africa

Our Goal
The goal of Cistern translation & publishing center is to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead them to repentance, as well as to disciple them by helping them grow in their faith in Jesus Christ . We are guided by Acts 8:30-31 where the Ethiopian Eunuch couldn’t understand the scripture fully and asked Philip, “How can I understand the scriptures unless someone explains to me?’

Our Vision
To become a well recognized organization that offers high quality and affordable services to our clients in an efficient and proactive manner.

Our Mission
CTPC endeavours to partner strategically with Missionarries, Churches, Ministries, and Christian organizations by providing them with translated and published literature.

Service Excellence
With a well networked professional staff all over the world, CTPC has perfected the art of translating Christian literature into native languages that people easily understand. This is acheived by publishing, printing, and distributing to the target audience.

For more information please contact us directly. You may also check out our sister organization Cistern Prison Ministry.

Please follow this link to listen to an interview one of our founders Rev Jefferson Gathu recently did with moody Radio.

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